Vaughanworks Publishing Frequently Asked Questions

What type of publisher does Vaughanworks consider itself? 


Vaughanworks combines tradition publishing, self publishing and on demand printing technology to provide authors with the most effective publishing experience. We also provide services to help the author promote and distribute their books.


Can anyone be published by Vaughanworks Publishing?


Absolutely not. Vaughanworks Publishing is dedicated to original works of quality and depth. All submissions are subjected to a screening process. We will not publish works with excessive profanity, vulgarity or vile in nature regardless of its potential. We are selective in authors we represent, so selected authors can be certain their work is chosen because of its quality.


Do I need to pay for publishing?


Yes Although Vaughanworks may finance an author in rare cases, authors must be willing to invest in their projects. Many large publishers will bear the entire cost of the books, promotion, and provide an advance for the author. The advance is determined by the amount of books the publisher expects to be sold. Most have contracts with established authors and are hesitant to consider new authors. If an author feels a publisher will offer them a six figure advance, we urge them to seek out those publishers. If an author is willing to invest time and finances to advance their project, Vaughanworks Publishing may be for you. We offer authors an opportunity to get their work in the hands of readers. You will continue to own all rights to your work, so the opportunity to pursue a large publisher remains after your initial publication. Our packages are incredibly affordable compared to other publishers.


What is the difference between offset printing and print on demand?


Both methods are effective ways of putting your manuscript into publication. The main difference depends on individual needs. Offset prints your book in large quantities where the advantage comes from the “per book” cost. The larger the print run, the lower the cost to print each book. Most large publishers use some form of offset printing. There is a high up front cost because you’ll need to place an initial book order of 500 or more copies. That could cost $4000 or more. On demand printing allows authors to publish their books with minimal up front costs. Authors can test market their book without the risks of having a large number of books on hand. Books are printed as they are ordered. If necessary, the author can then run a large offset order to meet their large demand.


Can’t I just do it myself?


Yes Unfortunately, many new authors neither have the time nor the resources to handle this endeavor. Self publishing is extremely fulfilling, but its also a demanding process. Through our combination of self publishing, traditional publishing and on demand technology, Vaughanworks puts authors in the drivers seat of their projects. We also give authors the support necessary to aid in their publication.


Will my book be listed on,, Barnes &, etc.?


Yes Our connection with Ingram distribution allows us to list your book on the major online bookstores. Readers will be able to order your books from the major bookstores.


What other services does Vaughanworks Publishing offer?


Vaughanworks offers services such as book reviews and literary networking. Other services provided include web site designs and promotion through Young World Marketing, besides publishing arrangements at an affordable price.


Do I need to give a discount to have my book listed? 

Yes. Most online vendors and bookstores will not carry a book without a discount. The standard industry discount is 55%, although vendors may carry a book with a slightly lower discount.


How much will it cost to purchase copies of my own book?


The author has the right to purchase copies of the printed Work at a discount of thirty-percent (30%) off list price. This discount may be increased on larger orders. All Author payments must be made in advance, and Vaughanworks Publishing will not pay royalties on direct sales made to the Author.


Is it difficult to terminate my contract?


Not at all Vaughanworks requires at least a 30 day written notice. It must be received either via email or mail. The other party must verify receipt of the notice. If an author terminates their contract before the term has ended, a $50 fee will be charged for labor involved in canceling all registrations and web postings.


How much time does the whole process take?


It depends The whole process from submission to the printed book can take from 45 days to 90 days, depending on the length of the manuscript, the need for additional editing, the ability for the author to respond to contact.


Will I need to keep an inventory?


No.  Authors do not need to keep an inventory. Our demand component allows us to print books as they are ordered. We have the ability to order larger print runs, but this may not be feasible for most authors. We do advise authors to have a small inventory of books for direct sales, book signings, and conferences. We will hold inventory of 7 to 10 books for quicker distribution to author for an extra internal warehousing fee of $100


Am I ready to be published?


This is a question to ask yourself. Listed below are questions a writer must ask that will determine if they are ready to be published. Are you willing to handle the responsibilities of a published author? (i.e. book signings, public appearances, seminars) Are you willing to feverishly promote your book? Do you believe your book will be successful? Do you take your writing serious? Is your work original? Is the market ready for your book? Are you willing to invest in your project? Can you handle criticism and use it constructively? Will you have your work edited prior to submission?


How should I submit my work for possible publication?


You can contact us via email at with the heading “Manuscript Submission Request”. List your name, contact information, plans to market your book, and a brief synopsis of your work. You will receive a response to your request within one week. If we feel your manuscript fits in with our publication model, you will be asked to submit a manuscript for review.


Please make sure your work is edited prior to submission.

Vaughanworks prefers work submitted in Microsoft Word, or a printed manuscript may be sent to:


Vaughanworks Publishing

PO Box 44224

West Allis, WI 53214


We will notify you if your manuscript has been selected.

If your work is chosen, you will be offered our publishing contract along with additional instructions.